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With profade it´s possible to erase your tatoos confortably and safely
Without any type of surgery or costly treatments.
No risk of scarring.
Easy and comfortable, you just have to apply a cream
Many satisfied customers.
No pain involved.

By using Profade, you can make tattoos disappear regardless of the color, type and quantity of the ink, age of the tattoo or the depth of the tattoo. Get all this without having to visit a clinic, but from the comfort of your home.

Darker inks and deeper tattoos need, by general rule, more time to be discolored when compared to other less intense tattoos.

You can safely use our product during longer time periods. Forget all about costly surgery and try our method at an unbeatable price.

Profade is a new and revolutionary method for removing old tattoos. Just a few minutes a day and you’ll get surprising results.

Do you feel insecure or uncomfortable because of an old tattoo?

Men and women alike may suffer from frustration due to an old or uncomfortable tattoo. Many of our clients wish to forget about old and bothersome tattoos.

According to investigations carried out by medical organizations, half of the tattooed population wishes to remove them – for various reasons:

With just minutes in the comfort of your home, you can forget about these uncomfortable tattoos.

Remove tattoos

After years of research in the field of tattoos, we are proud to offer you Profade. Our ingredients are unique and effective and your tattoos can progressively disappear with its use. Thanks to the high quality ingredients we use in its formula, we can offer you a product that gives extraordinary results.

Profade is medically tested and very easy to use.

We receive real signed testimonies from customers on a daily basis, telling us about their experiences after following our Profade program.

You can see that many of the “supposed testimonies and real photos of clients” that appear on other websites seem similar or even the same. This is because they are not real, which is why you shouldn’t trust such companies.

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